And probably long overdue – for labour and loyalty, for challenge and
opportunity, for talent and inspiration, including every client who ever
walked through our doors. All of these brought something to us and,
I hope, took something away of equal value – So for those clients who
became friends, and the occasional friends who became clients.

For all of those who worked with me through the years and who
followed the long trail west from cow gum and scalpel blades; each
has been inspirational, irritatingly talented, funny and patient.
Thank you especially to Nicky Page, David Palmer, Dan Einzig,
Fiona Andreanelli, Anita Allen, Elina Arapoglou, Alessia Ramaccia,
Lionel Avignon, Rachel Botha, Agnieska Rogaszinska, to Sian Rance
and Emil Dacany and to Nadine Levy, and to any I might have
omitted it’s nothing personal, just the oversight of passing years.

To Dennis Hackett, Laurence Orbach, Caroline (Boucher) & Robert Lee,
Tony King, John and Sarah Lloyd, Colin Webb, Tim Massey, John
Mitchinson, Tom Bennett, Peter Lubin, Maria Conroy, Dick Boak,
Roger Forrester, Ruth Kennedy Dundas, David Linley, James Fletcher,
Doug Belton, Jonathan Clyde and Anthony Thomson.

To Michael Ross, Steve Brown, John Reid; without each of whom,
most probably very little indeed. To the late and much-loved Derek
Taylor, Brian Roylance, Neil Aspinall, Bob Carlos Clarke, Alan Douglas.
To my dear and long-term friend Gered Mankowitz. And to Elton, Eric,
Phil, and to George and Olivia; each of you holds a very special place
in my life.

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